As we reopen and resume patient care, we are making a lot of changes to ensure the safety of patients and staff.  We want everyone to feel safe at our office.  The main goals are to minimize the number of people inside of the office to allow for social distancing, and hygiene/disinfection.  In order to facilitate those goals here are some changes you will encounter on your next visit:

- Front doors will remain locked at all times.  Only those with an appointment will be allowed in.  Appointment will be required for an exam/office visit, picking up glasses and/or contact lenses, frame adjustments, and browsing for new glasses.  

- For pick-ups, patients may also call us from the front door, or pull up into the driveway near our entrance and we can bring it out to you.

- Only patients with an appointment will be allowed in.  Please do not bring guests to your appointment.  For minors or those needing assistance, one parent/guardian or aide may accompany the patient. 

- Upon entering, everyone will be asked to wash their hands in the restroom, or use the hand sanitizer at the front desk.

- Face mask or face covering is required to enter and must be worn at all times.  Without a mask or covering, your appointment will unfortunately have to be rescheduled.

- When browsing for frames, our optician will help you.  Please allow our optician to pull frames off the board or display that you'd like to try on.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of our new office policies!  We are excited to return and help our patients! 



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